Our son is so good to his sister, he is starting to give her his allowance he’s earning. It’s is so nice of him to be doing in Saw NetZeroHomes.

They are building a new sea wall at our new place over by Oregon chiropractor we saw in the summer in Salem. They are doing this to stop the erosion that is happening.


Our son brought home a huge bag of candy to share with us and we couldn’t believe how much he brought home near He brought every kind of candy imaginable.


We just made homemade mouthwash for the first time ever near thought we could get a little help with the people we saw in Denver. It doesn’t taste too bad, I’d like to try different flavors to see.


They just had bike week over by where we live in I am hoping I will be able to help my friends with their pains. All of the bikers come into town from all different states.